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Thursday, May 27, 2010
June Hols
Last Monday, I was too pre-occupied with school, too immersed in academics and too worn out with JC life that I didn't realize that June Holidays was nearing. Even after knowing, even today, it doesn't feel like a holiday at all. Am I being lifeless and too goal-oriented or what? I hope that the holiday mood will sink into me soon.

This holiday, I plan to eat less tidbits and snacks. I want to lose weight. I have to run soon. Like next week. Or this Sunday. I hope God gives me some motivation for this. To add on, I have PW research to do which will sap away almost half of my free time.

Seriously, the only thing I like in JC is my CCA, my friends and my favourite subjects. Other than that, it has been plain, dull and boring. 5 months have breezed by ever since we have gotten our O level results. O levels was, not to be arrogant, rather insignificant I realize. The number of A1s you have don't matter much. Its the points you get that matters. And I realize that in JC, with all the tough papers that they are gonna poison you with during common test, I shall not aim or hope for outstanding results. I just want to get promoted. And then do well for A levels.

Now my main concern is my Project Work and Malay Dance. I have been appointed as Student Leader and now I have to lead the group in terms of dance. I hope I'll do a good job. Also, I hope I meet the criteria for H3 Physics during the Promotional Exams. I need to balance.

Well, it all boils down to this.. Happy Holiday everyone =)

Saturday, May 1, 2010
Omg. Its coming. Next Wednesday. I'm gonna brace myself for the 1st performance I'm performing for NJC. And sadly, probably the last one with my seniors.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010
The current state of my life.
I realised that me and my friends have been going out a lot these few weeks. For example, last Friday, Mikhail and gang, the girls and me went out for dinner at Al-Azhar restaurant opposite to Bukit Timah shopping centre for dinner - all thanks to the cancelling of training on that day. =) It was retarded. At first Ashraff started arguing with Mikhail for being late. They were shouting across the table Aand everyone was staring at us. One couple even requested for changing seat as we were(or Ashraff was) too noisy. LMAO. Then the stupid cup of fruit juice decided to spill on its own and Ashraff started screaming like some dodobird, as usual. The food was great but sadly the price burnt a hole in my pocket. 12 bucks for a dinner- nice one la.

Today, me, Ashraff and ZH went to macs for lunch right after Student Council elections to slack. We were playing with our handphones and really causing a lot of disturbance to out poor neighbor who was studying his uni. stuff beside us. We were laughing and talking crap like no one's business - a perfect way to escape from daily stress. We also took stupid videos of ourselves laughing like a retards, one of which Ashraff's handphone got thrown away from his hand when it was recording a video. LOL. HAH. Tmr I have Maths lecture test. I have no mood to study. I just read thru all the formulas. Hope the test won't be so hard =)

I failed my physics Dynamics quiz and i think i have to go for the consolidation lecture.. ZZZZ What an embarrassment for a person who is interested in Physics. Sometimes I wonder, whats the point of being passionate about something when you are not even good at it?

Friday, March 26, 2010
Current happenings in my life

I just got the latest Pokemon version , Heartgold. Undoubtedly awesome and of exceptional quality. Brings me memories of the times when I played the first Pokemon version in my life, Gold. This time, its in 3D, better graphics, more functions/apps, additional characters and pokemon, maps and enhanced storyline. The Pokemon versions never fail to impress. I'm looking forward to capture all the legendaries in the game and exploring Kanto. Latest news : Nintendo 3DS has been announced to be released soon. I really wonder how it will be like. I may consider purchasing it too=)
Next up, A level H1 Project Work task notes has been released. This time the themes are 'amalgamation' and 'alternatives'. I'll most likely be doing the 1st one since it seems easier. I'll do the 2nd one if it seems more feasible. I really hope that the PW journey will be a smooth one no matter how challenging it might be.
I just watched the movie, 'When in Rome' earlier on at around 7pm. It was really awesome and I highly recommend everyone to watch it. Its a comedy cum romance based movie. Touching yet hilarious. xD Watch it to find out more.

Friday, March 12, 2010
LOL random

HAHAHA this is dam retarded. The equations govern electromagnetic phenomena incl. electromagnetic waves i.e. Light.
All credits to: geekgirlgifts.blogspot.com

March hols
Happy holidays ppl. Time to train for napfa and mug everything that they have taught us. Some of my time will be used up for Malay Dance camp. Can't wait for it. Hope its gonna rock. I'm currently enjoying the learning process. Except when you screw up class quizzes. Haiz i failed my practical becos i forgot my SPA stuff and got 6/10 for physics quiz. I got 2 marks deducted for not showing working for SI units of electric and magnetic field strength -.- What nonsense. Argh. I want my chem and vectors test as soon as sch starts next term. Can't believe I fumbled in chem test. Too much pressure i guess.. And yes. Porject Work will start soon and we have to submit our Prelim. Idea paper too around next term. I wanna get it done and over with. But I hope the process of group work will be enjoyable.

Friday, March 5, 2010
My body is aching..
Sian. Just 1 PT session in Malay Dance and I have aches everywhere. And the PT wasn't that hard anyway I still don't get why I can get muscles aches. Dam irritating. Hope they will ease by next week. I'm currently in addicted to Nami's other songs. She rocks my socks. I can't help but listen to them everyday its so soothing for my soul. Haha. Have fun ppl. My class rocks.

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